O que diferencia o grande de um qualquer

Esta é uma parte do “How to be creative in architecture” de Joshua Horne, que encontrei no blog de Hugh MacLeod – aqui está uma diferenca entre posturas de dois tipos de arquitetos: o “an architect” e o “the architect”.

 “* Don’t even think for a second that you will be discovered. Architecture is not really a “discovered” kind of profession, but to an extent, some people think waiting around to be noticed for being exceptional will happen to them. No, it won’t. You’re not an actor. Your plan has to be unique. Do something different.

* Don’t be afraid to change. The world is changing, are you? When it comes down to the come down, what will stay with you throughout your career is how you help other people, and how many people trust you.

* This is not your grandfather’s architecture. It’s not 1890. We need to move forward. Do something about it. Think about your heroes…did they regurgitate the same old stuff? The guys at the top of this field in 25 years will not be thinking about the “new” same old skyscraper. Are you capable of being somebody’s hero?”

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